Artist of many matters


I’m a painter and a sculptor, a true lover of matter. Throughout the years, I understood that I need to paint to sculpt, and to sculpt to paint.

Pigment, charcoal, graphite, oils, acrylic, clay, wood: all materials fascinate me. I love to touch, explore, mix, saturating my brush or going at it bare-handed, spreading them onto my canvass or creating an object, a piece of furniture, a sculpture.

My workshop is my refuge, my laboratory, my place for experimenting. When I’m creating, I look for the accidental that reveals the unsuspected. I provoke it. I’m never afraid of failing, making mistakes, starting over. Creating and innovating is a basic needs.


Mixed media: oil, charcoal, ink and acrylic on canvas.





Other Creations

Custom-made, adapted to your needs



New creation of small colored studies. These works are currently......

PLEASE note that the gallery will be closed from December......


When I’m in a state of creation, I love the......

One of my daily inspirations is the yoga challenge of......