“The experience” and the Fragile Balance of Life

June 12, 2023

I introduce you to my most recent creation which is part of my collection “The fragile equilibrium of life”. This work is born as I’m about to cross the threshold of sixty. This age when, more than ever, life hangs by a thread.

The face carved by time, but peaceful. The body at rest, but ready to continue the road. My character balances on the tip of the toe, confident. In his hand, a pole rests, but he does not feel the need to use it. For me, “Experience” is a stop at the dawn of this age when I feel that time shifts, where I know full well that there is less in front of me than behind. I now feel more serene than ever, I have decided to stop chasing after life, rather walk the rest, fully aware of it’s fragile equilibrium.