Update on the monumental work

April 24, 2021

Last May, almost a year ago, I started one of the biggest projects of my artistic career: the creation of the sculpture “Free”, in monumental version, an 8-foot-tall work mounted atop its 4-foot pedestal to reach a towering 12 feet. This project became a reality thanks to the generous funding provided by friends, patrons and collectors, allowing me to embark on this great adventure. The journey has been both demanding and amazing: 96 cubic feet of Styrofoam, 50 bags of clay, 40 pounds of plaster, 150 sheets of sanding paper, 5 metres of chicken wire and 800 hours of work went into the creation of this monumental sculpture. To that, you can add the six month-long meticulous transformation process from clay to bronze at the foundry.  So, it’s with great joy and excitement that I will soon declare, “mission accomplished!” The grand installation on the shores of lake Memphremagog is planned for mid-June. More details to follow shortly!

Until then, here are a few photos of the creative process: