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André Desjardins- Table- Création André Desjardins- Table- Création André Desjardins- Table- Création
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“Creating tables fits naturally into my artistic career path.  Actually, the object has always been a part of my life.  I love the utilitarian object in all its forms and I am looking for the pieces that are a part of my daily life to be unique, aesthetic, innovative, surprising.  So what better way to get that than to make them yourself!  I would venture to say that the vast majority of my home furniture are my own creations: tables, libraries, doors, walls, chairs, chests, ramps, etc.  On several occasions, friends requested me to craft them this or that, which inspired me to start creating objects bearing my own personal touch.


So a few months ago, together with my friend Jacques-André Morin, we began to explore designing tables on which I draw and paint.  Each piece is unique and includes wood, metal, glass and concrete alloys. We take all the time needed to meet with clients, to discuss with them and draw, according to their taste, needs, space and décor, a table that suits them and reflects their personalities.”