A year peacefully AT REST

Last spring, I began work on a series of small-format paintings exploring the notion of restfulness. Thirty-four studies were born in the course of a few weeks. These studies inspired a collection of paintings, and then two sculptures, followed by a text I wrote by hand, directly on the wall of my studio. It’s still there. I re-read it often. For the simple pleasure of sharing, I am posting it here, perhaps it will resonate with you:

“Peacefulness, stillness and silence have long been part of my life and my creative process.

I need tranquility to create. In the studio, I settle into a meditative state. Everything opens up, everything awakens, everything falls in place. My thoughts and hands become one, my breathing in unison with the whispers of the wind.

A warm feeling, one that I want to paint and sculpt, endlessly.

A state of resistance to the whirlwind of life.

A choice repeated each day, a space for cultivating that peacefulness so dearly cherished, so vital, in fact.

An attempt at bringing this state out of the workshop and into life.

At each waking moment, the choice of moving on from “I need to do” to ”I’m doing” and just do, quietly.

Just doing, consciously.

Just taking the time.

Each painting and sculpture in this new collection is an invitation to experience the moment.

Painting this peacefulness brings me pleasure. I hope it does the same for you.”


André Desjardins
September 2023