The wood, the forest

Wood is the basic material that goes into my sculptures. It is part of the permanent underlying frame of my works. It’s often the spark that fuels my creations. The movements of roots spreading out from the base of threes are a formidable source of inspiration. I graft my wire frameworks to the stumps. The frame’s flow line eventually becomes a body, a character emerging from the wood yet still part of it.

Since moving to the country, there’s wood all around me. I take daily walks in the forest surrounding my workshop. I love it’s relative calm. I say relative because the more I explore, the more I notice life springing from every earthen nook and cranny… Plants, trees, standing or fallen, wildlife, insects, smells, sounds; it bubbles, buzzes, breathes… Seasons coming and going offer a permanent and magnificent spectacle, a never-ending ballet where the forest nature dances with the elements.

On my daily walks, I pick up everything that catches my eye: small stumps, roots, stones, plants. These finds sometimes become texturing tools or end up being integral parts in my works. The more I explore the forest, the more I’m tempted to paint landscapes and abstracts.