Recently, I had the pleasure of giving a sculpting class to Ludovic, a ten-year-old boy. I’ve seldom had the opportunity of teaching children. I know that he appreciated the workshop: he told me and, believe me, it was obvious! And I can tell you that, three weeks later, the experience is still very present in my mind. I was totally impressed by Ludovic’s limitless imagination. He tackles creation with unabashed pleasure, without any expectations. His creative impulse is not guided by an end-result; he is free, in the now, completely absorbed by the moment’s possibilities. I totally enjoyed watching him handle the clay, doing, undoing, redoing, trying, going from laughing at himself to being amazed by what he’d done. He reminded me of the importance of forging ahead and, most of all, of not succumbing to the fear of failing. His spontaneity, simplicity and daring will inspire me for quite a long time. Thank you Ludovic for all those precious teachings!